13 April 2012

Baby Baird is on the Way...Kind of

Antler arch in downtown Jackson
Lorin and I went to the doctor last Tuesday for my weekly pregnancy check-up and found out I was already dilated to three centimeters. The official baby due date is April 25th, but after the doctor appointment, I had it in my head that timing had changed and the baby was definitely going to come within a day or two.

To help speed up the process, Lorin and I decided to go on a babymoon the next day to Jackson Hole, WY. In addition to walking around to all the stores, we went on a nature hike. If that wasn't enough, when we got back to Rexburg, we got together with a bunch of friends and played laser tag for four hours. Yes...four hours. Lorin and I couldn't pass up five-dollar, unlimited laser tag at The Craze. I must have seemed like a pretty hardcore laser tag player (OK...so I guess I am a little hardcore) because one of the employees told me that I was her hero as I was exiting the laser tag arena for the fifth time.

Well, the only thing that all that walking and laser tagging did was give me REALLY sore legs and opened up a can of Braxton Hicks contractions on me that night when I went to bed. No baby. However, I have to say, Lorin and I had an awesome time.


  1. I have much sorer legs than Sarah. I am walking around like and old man.

  2. Come on....make it easy on yourself... Drink a couple bottles of castor oil...heeheehee

  3. I am so excited for you guys, I hope she comes soon, even though she may not come till her due date.


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