19 April 2012

Waiting for Baby

This post is from Lorin (the husband):

Sarah and I have asked each other the question "So what do you want to do today?" about 50 times this week. I think that waiting for Sarah to go into labor is a bad activity for the day. We have tried everything we can think of to get that baby out (besides inducing). We have played laser tag, driven over bumpy roads, worked out, walked every day, and even tried to squeeze her belly like a tube of toothpaste. The baby didn't come out. It's a paralyzing feeling when you know that a baby could come any night. I don't want to plan things out for the next day because there is a chance that we could be in the hospital.
So, after a week of this, we have decided to move on with life. Sarah is back at work as a teacher and I am trying to find a job.

By the way, I found the most amazing snack you can buy from a grocery store. I even tried to call the comments hotline to tell them how amazing it was.
I found a bag for $2 in the back of the supermarket and bought it. The poor bag didn't even last 24 hours. 

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  1. That popcorn sounds delicious! The waiting game is the hardest. Good Luck.


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