15 April 2012

The Working Mom

As the arrival of the baby comes nearer, I can't help but worry about how life is going to be when maternity leave ends and I go back to teach at BYU-Idaho for spring semester. I'm currently reading The Baby Book, and I am grateful it talks about the realities of working while having a newborn. Breastfeeding alone sounds like a full-time job. However, after reading the section on working and breastfeeding, I felt like things would be OK. I keep telling myself that I can do it. There are two reasons why I feel that I can do this:

1. I have a really supportive husband.
2. My mom did it (she got her master's degree and worked as a teacher  while being a mom to all of us kids --you can call her Supermom).

I figure working will give me a preview for how I handle grad school in the fall (by the way, we've decided to attend North Carolina State University). I hear grad school is pretty tough, but I was given some words of encouragement from another teacher that I work with at BYU-Idaho. She was telling me about how it took her five years to complete her master's degree (with two kids), but she loved it. She said that, for her, it was fun to have something else to do besides taking care of kids all the time (although there is nothing wrong with that). Now she has the opportunity to be a mom and work part-time in a profession that she loves.

So, I guess I will see how things go. Am I nervous about all of this? Yes. But I'm ready to give the new baby, work, and grad school all I've got!


  1. By supportive husband she means I hold her belly up to make her feel better.

  2. Sarah you can do it. I did school, took care of Abby and battled cancer at the same time. I know that is a little different than working, but I know you can do it. Even if school does take a little longer. I am glad Lorin is supportive it nakes all the difference. Lorin's parents stayed at the same hotel as us in Pocatello. I wasn't until I saw Lorin's sister that I made the connection.

  3. Sarah, I love this! I think you are so amazing to be working and then starting your master's program while having kids. I am actually jealous. You are already a super mom! Can't wait to see pictures of your little one.

  4. Sarah, You will be able to do this because you are following your dream and you have an amazingly supportive husband. I was able to raise a family, work, and go to school because I too have an amazingly supportive husband and also wonderful daughters who were willing to sacrafice so I could reach my dream of being a teacher. I have 4 highly educated, strong women as my daughters. That is what Dad and I always wanted and we are very proud of all of you. Each of you have dreams that you are following and a Mom couldn't ask for more. You go Bitty Boo!


What are your thoughts, my friends?

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