13 May 2012

Back to Work

So, I am back teaching at BYU-Idaho after having little Miranda. Going back to work actually isn't stressful like I thought it would be. The only tricky part is trying to nurse Miranda right before I leave to teach. I think Miranda and I are getting the system down now. While I am gone, Lorin and Miranda get some daddy-daughter time. Even between work and Miranda, Lorin and I try our best to get out and still have date nights. Thanks to some of our awesome friends who babysit for us, this is possible.

Speaking of date nights, last night, Lorin and I had the privilege of attending BYU-Idaho's All Faculty Banquet. Two weeks ago I received a letter in my office mailbox informing me that I had been selected by my department chair and college dean to receive one of four distinguished faculty awards for the English department. This was such a surprise and an honor for me. The night was full of inspirational words from BYU-Idaho's administration. As Lorin and I spent the evening eating great food, listening to an excellent musical number, and talking with other faculty members, I couldn't help but reflect on my time teaching at BYU-Idaho. This is my last semester teaching at BYU-Idaho, and I am truly grateful for the opportunity I have had to teach there.  

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  1. Sarah!! You are awesome to be back at work already! And that is awesome about the award! You are such a talented teacher. Congrats!


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