23 July 2012

Feeding Miranda in Public

Lorin, Miranda and I are officially moved out of Rexbug! Lorin and I agreed that the three days we spent moving were some of the most stressful days we have ever had. The interesting thing is that Miranda was stressed out too. Normally, she is a pretty easy-going baby, but over this whole moving process, she was was really fussy. I think it is amazing how babies can pick up on things like that. Now that we are on vacation (vacation =no stress), she is doing a lot better.

In response to my last blog post, my sister-in-law shared a really neat link with me about breastfeeding in public. This helped me a lot, so I thought I would share it. I have been trying out some of her tips, and my confidence about feeding in public is improving. For example, when Lorin and I checked out of our apartment, the baby and I had to wait outside while he took care of some things. Miranda got hungry, so I got up my courage, sat on the grass, busted out my nursing cover and fed her right on the lawn in my apartment complex. All of the sudden, I saw one of our neighbors walking toward his apartment. I started to feel my nursing-in-public anxiety rising. When he passed, he smiled and said hello. I realized right then that nursing in public doesn't make all people feel weird.

After that experience, I'm not ashamed to feed Miranda in front of people if she is hungry (sigh of relief).


  1. Good for you! It is always hard to nurse in public at first. It gets easier as the demand gets higher lol! Congratulations to you all!


  2. I feel your anxiety! but babies gotta eat! actually what helped me was being around other feeding moms too. we are like a pack lol. when you come to Raleigh we need to get together! we are staying til mid October now!

  3. I totally freaked out every time I fed in public. I wished I had done it more, so I would have gotten used to it. Great article! Hope it's getting easier!!


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