23 August 2012

Miranda: The Youngest Student at NCSU

Miranda taking a nap on a couch in the physics building
Lorin and I have just survived our first week of grad school at NSCU. Go Wolfpack!

Before this week, my only reference to grad school was Legally Blonde. I had nightmares about not being prepared enough for class, having the teacher call on me in front of everyone, and then making me leave class because I didn't know the answer to the question. To my relief, I found that the teachers here are a lot nicer than in the movie.

Our first day of school was pretty rough...considering there are no changing tables in the bathrooms or places to semi-privately nurse a baby without a 19-year-old guy or girl, sitting right across from me, sneaking weirded-out glances in my direction. Lorin had the first class of the day, so I had Miranda duty until he got out of class. As soon as he got out, I handed off the baby to him and ran to my Shakespeare  class. We made the switch two more times that day. We pretty much collapsed when we got home (we hadn't even begun our homework yet). The good news is....things got a lot better as the week went on. The key was working smarter...not harder.

Here are some things I learned this past week:

1. If I am in a crowded place and Miranda is hungry, face my back to the majority of the people in the room. If I can't see them, I don't feel like they are staring at me (which no one really is, that's just how I feel). Or, if Miranda is freaking out (usually because I am freaking out about feeding her) there is a really nice handicap bathroom with a clean floor to sit on to nurse.

2. Accept help from other students- trying to haul Miranda's stroller up and down the stairs every day gets a little tiring. When a handicap entrance isn't close by, other students always help me take the stroller up the stairs.

3. Work with what I have-so, there are no changing tables on campus, but there is counter space between the sinks in the bathrooms to change Miranda's diapers.

4. It is OK if I don't get any homework done while I am watching Miranda-I'm not a failure. When we get home, Lorin and I switch off taking care of the baby so the other can get in some uninterrupted homework time.

5. Enjoy the time I have to learn in class. Sometimes it is tempting to think about all the things I need to do when I get out of class. Those things will be there when I get out. I have learned that focusing on the interesting things my professor is teaching is lot more useful during class time.

I am sure I will have a lot more to write about as this semester goes on. Even though taking care of Miranda and going to school can be a recipe for stress, I am still enjoying my experience here and my time with my daughter every day. I am so grateful Lorin and I can tag-team this together. I'm pretty sure this will be one of the experiences in life where we look back and say, "How the heck did we do that?"


  1. Nooooooooooo....... No bathroom floor!!!!!!!! That's nasty!!!

  2. You can do it, because you guys have a Zombie Apocalypse plan. We miss you guys. We bought pandemic on Monday...haha. Our apartment is ghetto. The family is nice and we like it tons better than (the place which shall not be named) ;) Take care,

    Devin & Jenn Pyle

  3. To Emily: It is a fairly clean bathroom floor...actually we just discovered a comfy couch in the building that is kind of hidden.

    To Jenn: We miss you guys too Jenn! We like our place a lot better than the place that shall not be named too! That is awesome that you bought Pandemic!

  4. sarah you are so brave! isnt awesome to have husbands that we actually trust to pass off our baby too. you are supermom. sounds like you have a full plate. we should get together in one of the up coming sundays. have a picnic or something.

    1. We have been wanting to get together with you guys too. I think I read on your post that you are going to be at Disney World this weekend (I'm so jealous!, so maybe the Sunday after that. I'm so excited to meet Lincoln!


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