07 September 2012

Happy 2nd B-day Marriage

This past week was awesome! Lorin and I celebrated our two-year anniversary by going out to Macaroni Grill (eating Italian for our anniversary is a tradition now) on Friday night. Then, Lorin arranged for some of our friends to babysit Miranda all day while we went to Wrightsville Beach. This was my first east coast beach experience. We had so much fun! What a great anniversary and a great husband!

Grad school was kind to us this week. I just dropped a class, so now I am taking six credits instead of eight (I feel my sanity coming back). The workload is a lot more manageable with a little baby. I have learned, that with grad school, less is more.

Lorin and I are trying to find ways to de-stress after long days at school. Let me tell you, the answer is six seasons of Lost on Netflix. When we feel like we've got enough homework done for the night, we watch some episodes of Lost. I am proud to say...we just became Lost champions two days ago! Yes, we have finished all six seasons (okay, we skipped some episodes). I would highly recommend Lost to anyone. It was a great show. Now we just have to wait for Walking Dead to start up again (don't judge me!). In the meantime, any suggestions for a good TV show or movie to watch?


  1. We de-stress with Netflix too! We watched 24 for a while. We want to start Lost. I'm too scared to watch Walking Dead, ha. Happy Anniversary! I didn't realize ours were so close to each other!

  2. Lost is AMAZING. And congratulations on your anniversary! Glad you got to have some fun at the beach.

  3. Lost... so captivating! Walking Dead.. has ruined my ability to park in a parking garage if I am going to have to drive home after dark. And I don't even remember any episodes where they are in a parking garage at night, but it terrifies me!

  4. Avatar! Only four seasons, but it's surprisingly good for a kids show :) Parenthood is also extremely funny, as is Malcolm in the Middle.


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