29 October 2012

Baby, School, Exercise...Yes I Can!

My first week of grad school, I remember laughing hysterically at the thought of having the time to exercise (it was one of those "Sarah is so stressed out, she is going crazy" days. I'm pretty sure I scared my husband). I felt like I had so many responsibilities and no time to fulfill them. Exercise was the least of my stresses. Little did I know how important exercise was, not only for my body, but my sanity.

I was talking to my brother Matt on the phone a couple weeks ago, and I mentioned not having time to go to the school gym to exercise. He suggested to find some workouts on You Tube. I kind of put his suggestion in the back of my mind for a while. Then, one morning I just decided to try it--find a 20 minute workout on You Tube. That is where I met good ol' Coach Kozak, my very own living room exercise personal trainer.

I put Miranda in her little Intellitainer, got my Smuckers apricot jam dumbbells, and started my "haven't worked out for two months" exercise routine. My workout was only for 20 minutes and could even be considered "weak sauce" exercising, but I felt so good afterward. Because of my little effort to exercise that morning, I was so much more productive for the rest of the day. I actually got dressed (in non-pajama clothes) and put on makeup. I did my readings for my class, cleaned the house, and finished the laundry.

I only exercise on my days off on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but it is a good start. For any moms out there who  might laugh at the thought of having time to exercise (like I did), you might try looking for your own living room workout. Do it for the sake of your body and sanity. I guess the next step would be to try eating healthier... but I'll save that for another day.
Miranda's healthy eating = mashed bananas


  1. There are some good youtube yoga workouts too... i need to try coach Kozak. I seem to have got into a workout slump with the change of seasons. thanks for the motivation!

  2. My mom used to always workout with her canned food dumbells- I remember that. So I think it's awesome that you're using apricot jam.


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