21 October 2012

Homemade Cards

Just about every birthday, my family members can count on an interesting card from me. By interesting, I mean I usually make a card that is creative, funny or just weird in some way. My biggest hope is to help them feel loved or help them have a good laugh for their birthday. Making homemade cards has been a secret passion of mine for a long time. The cards at the grocery store with their generic sayings never say "Happy Birthday" like I want them to. So, why spend the money on a pre-made card, when I can make a funnier and more meaningful one on my own?

I made this particular card for one of my roommates up at college (this was a couple years ago). She was from Bakersfield too, so I whipped up a card that would remind her of all those special Bakersfield people she might miss while up at at school (Buck Owens, Senator Dean Florez, and Mayor Harvey Hall). This card cost me next to nothing to make, and it sure brought a smile to my roommate's face (rhyme not intended).

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  1. We all love your cards Sarah. You always make us laugh and they stay up on the family bulletin board for months.


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