06 October 2012

Make This House Feel Like A Home

We have been living in North Carolina for about two months now, and our house still doesn't feel like a home. Well that changed last week, but let me explain.  Lorin and I are stuck in real estate limbo until our house closes on the 12th of this month. Right now, we are renting from the owners (which is awesome that they even allowed us do that) until closing. The poopy part is that we can’t take down wallpaper, paint, or make any other major changes to the house until it is completely ours (we don’t have the money to do major decorating anyway). So, this is why we just can’t get used to our house. But last week, I decided that was going to change. My parents gave us some classy red curtains as well as some other curtains when we moved here. We hung up the red curtains, and then I busted out my sewing machine and made some decorative pillow cases out of the others. I was so proud of myself. The whole decorating thing is a work in progress, but I was happy to make this house feel a little more like a home. 


  1. It looks great!! I wish I knew how to sew.

  2. So awesome! Sarah's fallback career, decorator/seamstress. I think you need a plant.


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