14 October 2012

Thoughts on Weasels, Story Time, and Other Things

Thoughts on Weasels:

This has gone on long enough. Miranda has got to sleep through the night. I've been talking to different moms about how they trained their children to sleep at night and the answer seems to be the same. I just need to let her cry, and after a couple of days to a week, she will get used to sleeping all night.

Well, this is where the weasel part comes in. So, Lorin and I were talking to one of his classmates (who also has a baby) about this subject of training a baby to sleep through the night. Thanks to this classmate, I am terrified to let Miranda cry at night. He told us of a couple he knew who was training their baby to sleep through the night. So, one night the baby was screaming and screaming and they ignored him for a while. When they finally went to check on the baby, they found that their pet weasel had escaped from the cage and…WAS BITING OFF THE BABY’S FINGERS!  

Well, I don’t need to sleep through the night EVER after hearing that story. Sleep is overrated anyway, right?

Thoughts on Story Time:

I can only read the same 10 baby books so many times before going insane. So, Miranda is learning about the complex racial issues of Mark Twain’s time in his book Puddn’head Wilson. We have family reading time every night before Miranda goes to bed. I think she likes it…well I guess she doesn't really have a choice. If anyone is looking for a good book to read, I would definitely recommend this one. I haven’t had a book catch my attention from the very beginning in a long time. Lorin and I (and Miranda) are hooked on reading it.

Thoughts on School:

I am really enjoying the class I’m taking right now (life got too crazy, so I dropped down to one class). It is called Theory and Research in Composition. I just conquered a 10-page paper and turned it in yesterday!

Thoughts on the House:

WE FINALLY CLOSED ON THE HOUSE!!! The house is all ours as of two days ago. Yesterday night, Lorin and I made a list of all the different things we want to do to each room of the house and the outside.  We also made the realization that we will probably have trick-or-treaters for Halloween.  We are going to dress Miranda up and take her trick-or-treating, then we will eat all of her candy when we get home.


  1. she doesn't even have teeth and you are already giving her cavities! and two pieces of advice... DON'T get a pet weasel and DO get a library card.. then you can read more than 12 kids books to Miranda! Best of luck with the sleep training. It will be a good investment.

  2. 0_0 weasels just got way scarier than they already were...

    I hope Miranda's first words are something like "As to the adjective: when in doubt, strike it out."

  3. I remember listening to Lorin correct Me time and time again with the word "actually".

    He was barely talking, and saying things like, "actually Dad Mark Twain was not his real name"


    It comes from reading to your kids. They will grow up to be brilliant, just like their Grandparents, (on both sides of course).

  4. THE WEASEL STORY!!!! YIKES. And, how is she sleeping now? Also, I am sure your little girl will be a genius from what you read her. My son will probably talk about chewing gooey goo and beetles battling with paddles in a piddle puddle poodle...ughhh. I am throwing that book away.


What are your thoughts, my friends?

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