10 November 2012

$100 Improvement: Bathroom

Each month, Lorin and I set aside $100 for home improvements. For the first month, we wanted to get our bathroom looking good, so we bought a medicine cabinet, towel rack, toilet seat, shower curtain and shower curtain rod. Here is the beak down of the prices:
  • Medicine cabinet $30
  • Towel rack $12
  • Toilet seat $28
  • Shower curtain $15
  • Shower curtain rod $10
Total spent on bathroom improvements: $95

Here is our new and improved bathroom.

We also bought a washer/dryer to go in the closet next to the bathroom about a month ago. No more laundromat! 

Today, we spent most of the day taking down wallpaper in the dining room. The kitchen wallpaper is next, and then we are painting. It might be a while until we paint, but I will post some pictures of the finished product. 

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