17 November 2012

Good Night Old Man: May You Be Blessed With Health, Wealth, and Love

When I was about nine or ten years old, my friend and I decided we wanted to do a good deed for an elderly man that lived down our street. He might have been a widowerI don't really remember, but we thought he might be lonely, and we wanted to do something nice for him. We gathered some marker pens and found some poster board to make a sign for him. Since it was after dark (and probably his bedtime), we decided to write in big, bold letters "Good Night, Old Man" on his sign. Sneaking every so quietly, we walked over to his house and taped the sign to his steel front gate and rang his doorbell. We felt pretty good about what we did. Looking back now, the man may have been puzzled by our sign, or even creeped out a little, but he only had the best intentions from two little girls.

This leads me to something that happened to Lorin and I the other day. We had just bought a new box of diapers for Miranda at the grocery store. I opened the box, put the diapers up on the changing table, and took the box out to recycling. When I came back, I found a folded piece of paper on the ground in Miranda's room. I opened it up to see that it was a five dollar bill with writing on it. This is what it said:

May you be blessed, with health, wealth, and love.
I called to Lorin to show him what I found. "Did someone come into our house?" he asked. I told him I didn't know, but I doubted it. For a minute we were a little nervous about the giver of this kind deed. Then, I realized that someone at the grocery store probably stuck a five dollar bill in the diaper box, and the bill had most likely fallen onto the ground while I was putting things away. When I told Lorin my theory, he seemed to be relieved. I guess we don't know for sure how the money got there, but whoever gave it, their intentions were good. We were both thankful for what this kind person did (even if they did break into our house, I guess).

After thinking about this experience, it reminded me in some ways of my childhood good deed. I think I might finally know how that man felt when he walked outside to pick up his newspaper the next morning to find a giant sign with child handwriting on his gate. I just hope he knew we were thinking about him and wanted to show him some love and kindness.

I will probably never know who gave us that five dollar bill with sharpie pen writing on it, but I just want to say thank you.

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  1. First of all, what you did as a kid is extremely awesome. Especially the "Old Man" part. That was my favorite.

    And how cool is that that someone gave you $5???? Dang, if someone wants to do that to me I'll tell them the passcode to my garage. Although I agree that it is less creepy if it came from the diaper box, in which I would also accept $5.


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