27 November 2012

How I De-stress During Finals

Ten days until semester is over! I just finished my last 10-page paper for my composition theory class. Needless to say, the past week or two has been a little hectic, so here are some ways that I de-stressed:

1. I found a cool idea on Pinterest not too long ago, and Lorin and I finally decided to test it on Miranda. I think she liked it (actually... I think it was more entertaining for us).

2. Believe it or not, but cleaning and decorating are both ways that I de-stress. We spent the past couple days decorating for Christmas, tearing down more ugly wallpaper, and cleaning the closet of the black abyss (it is now nice and organized!).

3. We took a trip to Maryland to spend Thanksgiving with Lorin's Uncle and Aunt and their family. We had so much fun with them. Also, I'm not one to like long car rides (7.5 hours for this trip), but I actually enjoyed it. It was fun to just relax and not worry about homework, read The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands out loud (all women should read this book, it will change your life), sing Christmas songs at the top of our lungs to get Miranda to stop whining, and have hypothetical discussions about what type of costume we would wear if we suddenly became superheros.

 I'm in the home stretch now. I'd rather find little ways to wind down between the reading, studying, and paper writing to spend fun time with Lorin and Miranda. That is more enjoyable than freaking out about my textbook analysis final coming up on the 7th.


  1. Your posts are are so fun to read ill have to read that book you mentioned about proper care of husbands. It sounds funny!

  2. Thanks Khand! It is a really great book by Dr. Laura. Some of it is funny because Dr. Laura is never afraid to tell people like it is, but other parts are pretty serious. I think you would really like it.

  3. Your baby is so pretty! She looks so much like you Sarah! I say this not knowing what Lorin looked like when he was young :)


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