31 December 2012

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures: My Life as a Sweepstaker

During a certain point of every semester at BYU-Idaho, the business majors set up their own little businesses around the school campus. On my way to Spanish class every Tuesday and Thursday, I would pass "The Sweet Shop" where students were selling an assortment of delicious candies. I could never bring myself to pay two dollars for a small bag of candy until I saw these words on a chalkboard sign in front of The Sweet Shop booth: "Our 1000th customer will win a $20 gift card to Walmart."

I had to buy a bag of candy.

As I walked up to the booth and fumbled through my wallet to find two dollars worth of change, I thought about all the things I could buy at Walmart for $20. I chose my bag of candy and handed over my handful of pennies, quarters, and dimes. The student at the cash register gave me a big smile and congratulated me on being the 1000th customer. Was this really happening? The other students working at the booth cheered and made a big scene. I was in shock. The cashier turned around and reached for the Walmart gift card that was hidden in a box on the ground behind him. I felt triumphant when he handed me the card that would change my meager college budget for that week.  

Now, fast forward about three years later. Student loan, insurance, groceries, mortgage, and the list keeps growing. I think back to the time I won that $20 Walmart gift card as I stare down at my Home Depot receipt that says "Enter to win the $5000 Sweepstakes," or my Kroger's receipt, "Win $100 in groceries." 

What do I have to lose? 

My junk mail folder is definitely filling up fast, but I don't care. Now, before I throw away any receipt I always check for the magical word--sweepstakes. If I don't enter, think about all I might be missing out on. I just hope that somewhere in the mystical land of "free stuff," the sweepstakes gods will choose me as their winner.

In the mean time, here are some fun pictures from this week:



  1. As I look at the hundreds of pictures on my phone of you, Miranda, and your wonderful home and life...

    Only one thought comes to my mind. I have won more here than the Publishers clearing house give away, Walmart Sweepstakes, or any one could ever offer on the bottom of a receipt.

    The day you married Lorin we ended up with the most incredible additions to our family. This includes your brothers and sisters, your parents and most of all you and your lovely daughter.

    We don't know what we did do draw the lucky ticket but we are so thankful for the one time that Lorin took a chance and won on You!!

  2. I feel so lucky to have all of you! Thank you so much for your post. That really meant a lot to me. We miss you all the time and are always looking forward to your next visit.

  3. Haha that is hilarious Sarah! I was getting into sweepstakes too! Your post has rekindled that little fire I had going. The last few sweepstakes I signed up for includes a macbook and a vacation in Europe through the travel channel. I also like the sweepstakes through the HGTV channel for home improvement. Fun times!

    1. Oooh! I'm going to check out the HGTV sweepstakes. That would be awesome!


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