28 December 2012

The Cultured Baby

As of late, Miranda has had some classy baby experiences. First off, I celebrated my 26th birthday, and Lorin had the day planned out for us--thrift store shopping, lunch at my favorite fast food (Yes, this would be McDonald's), and then dinner at a fancy Chinese restaurant called David's Dumpling and Noodle Bar. We thought about getting a babysitter for the fancy restaurant part, but it was my birthday and I wanted Miranda there to help us celebrate too! So, we took her with us. We got there right when the restaurant opened at 5 pm and were the first ones to sit down at a table. We were the only ones eating for a little bit since the rest of Raleigh was facing 5 pm traffic on their travels home from work. Miranda's pacifier was dipped into fine foods like ginger soup and pieces of lime. I'm pretty sure she enjoyed herself.

Then, for Christmas, we had my parents and my brother Matt here with us. On Christmas day, we all decided to go see Les Miserables at the movie theater. When we made the decision to go, we then remembered "Oh yeah...we have a baby now." Christmas is about being with your family, right? We couldn't just leave Miranda behind, so all six of us piled into our cars and headed to see the movie. This was Miranda's first movie, so we were a little nervous about how she would do. I imagined Miranda screaming at the top of her lungs during the death of Fantine and angry movie goers throwing popcorn at the back of our heads while making "shhhh"ing sounds.

On the contrary, Miranda was extremely well behaved. Lorin and I were armed with bottles in the case of an occasional squak from the baby. I think she caught the first part of the movie, but fell asleep for the last hour or so. In the end, the movie was great and the baby was great.

Miranda is living the good life with her fancy dinner and movie experiences. I guess, for her, its nice to have a little break from following me around the house and the usual mashed veggies and prunes.


  1. What a lucky girl. So cute. Happy Birthday!

  2. movie memory - during a serious part of the movie people behind us laughing as lorin, age 18 months, dipped his hands in the cup of orange soda during a star trek movie and rubbed it in his hair while the people behind us laughed - it ws sticky and spiky!

  3. She is so cultured, she may start speaking French soon! I didn't know you had a blog! It's awesome and your baby is a beauty! Hayden was staring at her...arranged marriage?


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