27 February 2013

8 Funny Things You Might Have Done as a Parent

  1. Posting what you think is the most hilarious video of your child on You Tube and thinking it will go viral.
  2. Singing to your child and inserting her name, whenever possible, into the song.
  3. Singing about poop and pee when the baby needs a diaper change. 
  4. Talking freely about things you wouldn't dream of discussing as a single person (for example: When I was teaching, I had to stop myself when I almost started discussing my breastfeeding experiences to one of my male students).
  5. Sniffing your child's behind to see if the stench is coming from her diaper (even better, holding the baby up so your spouse can smell it).
  6. Getting the baby ready for a bath, and then deciding to use her as a weapon by holding the naked child above your spouse (one of Lorin's favorite pastimes).
  7. Secretly feeding the baby foods that she probably shouldn't have while your spouse isn't looking (dads and grandpas are especially good at this). 
  8. Sterilizing the pacifier every time it falls on the ground, but after a while, deciding that a good dusting off on the pant leg is just as good.

Have you experienced any of these things before? What are some funny things that you have done as a parent?

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  1. You are too funny! Everything you ever write on this blog is 100% true! You capture being a mom so well.

    I have to admit, that I have convinced myself that if I put the pacifier in my mouth after it's fallen on the floor, my secret mom sanitation powers will take all the germs off of it. =)

    1. Thanks, Ashley! Haha! Lorin and I have done the pacifier in the mouth thing too. Sounds like a good sanitation method to me!

  2. First off let me say, she loved the chocolate. Even if she was only 2 weeks old. And the Caramel last week was only to get rid of the Dr. Pepper smell on her breath.

    Sorry for all that, but she really does love me.


    1. Like I said, grandpas are really good at sneaking food. If Miranda refuses to eat healthy food from now on, I'll know who to blame :)


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