24 February 2013

Club Mom

No, I'm not telling you to club your mother. I'm talking about the mom club that women enter when they have a baby.

Just want to clear that up before I start my post.

Miranda and I just took a trip to see my husband's family in Utah. I was really excited to see our family, but I had visions of Miranda going postal on the airplane (doesn't every mom have this fear?). However, thanks to Club Mom, this didn't happen.

Let me explain.

You know on Napoleon Dynamite when Pedro runs for president with the slogan, "Pedro offers you his protection"? Well this is the same thing for Club Mom. When you are in the club, moms all around the world offer you their protection and help.
For example, on one of the flights, I sat next to a girl about my age named Shellie who was on her way back to her husband and daughter. She was really helpful during our flight—holding Miranda during my trips to the bathroom and entertaining her with things she had in her purse.

On that same flight, a mom and her 10-year-old son were split up and couldn't sit by each other. There was an open seat between Shellie and I, and the mother saw Miranda on my lap. She asked if her son could sit in the open seat. When we gave her the OK, the mom said, "I know my son will be in good hands sitting in between two moms." Right she was. We made sure her son was comfortable and happy during the flight. 

Then, on my connecting flight to Salt Lake, another mom saw that I was traveling alone with Miranda. Her and her husband helped me get my luggage from the overhead bins in the airplane and even wheeled my carry-on suitcase all the way down to the baggage claim for me. 

The awesome thing is that I know this would have happened wherever I was traveling to. We moms look out for each other. When we have babies, we somehow enter into this unspoken pact to help one another.

So, the next time you see a mom, make sure you uphold your side of the pact and offer her your mom protection. 

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