15 February 2013

Death By Belly Button Lint

There are only a select few of you who know this story, and now, I am ready to share it with the world.

WARNING: If you have a weak stomach, you might want to stop reading now.

OK, here we go.

I was pretty lucky during my pregnancy with Miranda—no morning sickness, no throwing up. Things were going great.

Well, one Sunday evening, Lorin and I were resting on our queen-sized bed in our little apartment in Rexburg, Idaho. At some point, Lorin decided it was a good idea to clean out his belly button lint and start throwing it in the air above our faces.

When Lorin threw the lint into the air, he became confused when it somehow magically disappeared. All of a sudden, he heard hacking and choking from my side of the bed.

Yes, Lorin had thrown his belly button lint at such a precise angle, which somehow in its descent, had slipped its way into my parted mouth while I happened to be inhaling—right down the windpipe.

All I remember is that I was peacefully resting on my back one minute, and the next thing I knew, I was gasping for air. As I was gagging and coughing, I ran to the bathroom and heaved myself toward the toilet. This was the first and only time I vomited during my pregnancy.

Lorin, frantic that he was indeed witnessing my untimely death, scrambled to the kitchen to get me a glass of water.

I drank the water, and my gag reflex finally started to calm down.

We searched for the lint in the toilet, but found nothing.

This is when we decided to call a family friend who is a doctor. Here is how the conversation went:

--Lorin: Hi Rebecca...this is Lorin. I have a question for you. Sarah accidentally inhaled some lint and we think it might be stuck in her lungs. What should we do?

--Rebecca: How in the world did she accidentally inhale lint?

--Lorin: Umm...It's a little embarrassing.

--Rebecca: Well, if the lint is in her lungs, you have to really watch out for pneumonia. Take her to the doctor right away if she starts to have any symptoms.


Well, after the epic death by belly button lint scare, I guess everything turned out OK. I'm still alive, Miranda's birth went well (no traces of bully button lint in her body), and Lorin and I are still happily married.  Needless to say, Lorin no longer tosses around his navel lint.

What are some unusual things that have happened to you or someone you know? Do tell! I would love to hear your story.

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  1. Oh my gosh! That made me laugh out loud!!! So awesome! (Except for the throwing up part. That's pretty horrible).

    1. It's OK to laugh at the vomiting part. I don't mind. Heck, I was laughing and barfing at the same time because the whole situation was RIDICULOUS. You already posted your unusual story about Lily eating Skyler's umbilical cord. I just can't get over it! Haha!! I think that story will stay with me forever.

  2. Just when I think you guys cant get any cooler... I am loving this story! Richard and I cant stop laughing. Sadly I cant think of a remotely comparable story to share!!

    1. When this happened, all I remember thinking is, "I'm never telling ANYONE about this." Ha! I'm glad you guys liked it. Lorin and I were laughing just remembering everything that happened that night.


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