01 February 2013

Frumpy Moms are Sexy

...said no one ever.

I remember the dating days when I would spend an hour and a half getting ready before Lorin picked me up. I wanted my hair and makeup to be perfect for him. I left out my apartment feeling confident and beautiful.

Fast forward about two years and add a baby.

I'm still the same me. I look the same. I just feel different. I just feel so...mom-ish.

What happened to my own sense of hotness once I popped a baby out? Maybe it's the no makeup, stretchy pants, and old t-shirt I've been wearing for the past two days. Or, maybe it's the "mom jeans" that I have somehow shamefully acquired (I'm not even joking). Go ahead, click on the link and watch the video in horror.

Too bad giving birth to a child doesn't make me sexy.

Somehow, each day, I clean the house, take care of the baby, and make dinner, but won't take 10 minutes to put on some cute clothes and throw on a little blush and mascara before my husband gets home from school and work.

After a while of doing this, frump Sarah started to take a toll on me. I just didn't feel feminine anymore. At that point, I decided that something needed to change.

Now, don't get me wrong. I wasn't a total frump all the time. I would always put on decent clothes and make myself up when we went somewhere outside the house. I just struggled with looking like a woman when I was at home all day with Miranda.

Like I said, I knew something needed to change. So, I made a goal to always be dressed in regular clothes and have on a spot of makeup by the time Lorin arrived home. I know Lorin loves me with or without makeup, baby barf clothes or clean clothes, but I needed to do this for, not only him, but me.

Amazingly, when I started following through with this goal, my whole attitude about myself started to change. I am finally starting to feel like that cute, confident girl that I was when Lorin and I were dating. I also have more motivation to do productive things and get out of the house.

I don't want to lie and say that I am perfect with this goal. Once in a while I just want to be lazy and not get dressed up--so I don't.

But, around five pm every day when Lorin calls to tell me he is coming home, I have a choice.

I finish feeding Miranda, turn down dinner on the stove, and walk to the bathroom. I open the wooden cupboards under the sink and pull out my bag of makeup--just like the good ol' dating days.

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  1. What u are feeling is so completely normal. And it actually makes me feel better about myself. You just come to a point where you have to break out of the mindset that u get up and get dressed to go to work or school. And then you just get in the habit of getting up and ready for the day just because its daytime. :) but ive definitely felt this same way so many times. Like when your kids will ask "where are we going?" Just because you put jeans on. Whether they are mom jeans or not. I just try to remember that as soon as Richard comes home from work he gets in comfortable clothes... and if he could be at home all day he wouldn't put work clothes on. So you are beautiful and lorin will appreciate that you still get dressed up for him. :) it does keep things fun.

    1. Thanks so much, Ashley. I feel better about myself too (and life in general) when I decided to get dressed for the day. It is amazing how such a seemingly trivial thing can really have an impact on my day.

  2. https://i.chzbgr.com/maxW500/7020119552/hEAA82A32/

    Just copy and paste it to your address bar.

  3. Way to go Sarah! So cool to see you working through those tough challenges that come when you have a baby!

  4. AMEN, sistah! Frumping takes a toll. I try to take a shower everyday (cause my hair is too greasy to go two days...boo) and mascara. Those are both a must for me. Some days I do more, some days less.

    And, as for the jeans, I feel your pain. I just bought a pair of "land's End" pants at DI. This is the beginning of the end for me. HA! So, I pair them with long shirts that hide how high the waist is! They are super comfy I must say, and I don't spend all day yanking up low-rise jeans.


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