13 February 2013

No Matter What You Do, Your Child Will Eat Dirt

Miranda is our little vacuum cleaner. Now that she is crawling, she will eat anything and everything that she finds on the ground--shoes, dirt, fuzz, you name it. As a result, I am constantly sweeping and mopping our living room floor. However, despite my efforts, she still somehow finds traces of last night's brownies hidden within reaching distance underneath the couch. So, in addition to sweeping and mopping the floor, I follow her around and make sure she isn't sticking the remains of a dead spider into her mouth.

Well, as of a couple hours ago, I decided I am done following her around and taking away every crumb and clip of sewing thread that she finds. Plus, she cries when she finds a tasty morsel on the ground, only to have it taken away. I mean, how would you feel if you went to freezer to get some ice cream and had some giant come and take it away, telling you that you couldn't have it. I'd be angry too! So, I figure that eventually, she will realize that dirt doesn't taste that great.

After making this resolve, I thought about a conversation that Lorin and I had about our parents. He started laughing out loud one night--I looked at him, perplexed. He said, "I can't believe my dad let me borrow his car, on numerous occasions, to let me go out on dates." I was a little confused, but then he explained how it was crazy how his dad handed over his nice car to a 17-year-old boy to go out on dates by himself, hormones and all. I remember my parents doing the same thing with me--letting guys they hardly knew, pick me up at my house to take me out. The point is, both of our parents didn't hover over us waiting for us to make a mistake, only to jump in and save us. At some point, they decided to let us make our own decisions and let us eat a little dirt once in a while so we could discover that yes, dirt tastes like crap.  

I'm not saying that I trust my 10-month-old child to stay away from things that will harm her...in fact I don't trust her at all. I have to teach her what she should eat and what she shouldn't eat. I have to teach her why it's not OK to run into the street (unintentional rhyme). I have to teach her to tell the truth instead of making up lies.

And eventually, I'll have to let go and trust that she will remember the things I taught her. She will sometimes have to make mistakes to find out that she made a wrong choice. 

But for now, I think I'll just stick with the dirt and fuzz on the floor.  


  1. I'm not even going to tell you about the time when lily was 13 months old and she ate Skyler's umbilical cord when it fell off and we couldn't find it. And she's still alive. :)

    1. Oh my gosh! That is disgustingly awesome! Hahaha!

  2. Who knew that letting kids eat dirt could translate to suck a profound insight? But very nice. Also, isn't is always such a pleasant surprise when you unintentionally rhyme? Haha, I love it.


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