21 March 2013

Divorce Gets All the Glory

Lorin and I had an interesting dinner conversation about the following statistic: 50% of marriages end in divorce.

Neither of us knew where it came from. Over the years, people (including myself) have just spouted off that percentage like it was fact. I was curious about its origin, so I did little research and found this:

Nobody wants to claim it.

I remember hearing this statistic when I was growing up and being afraid to get married because things probably wouldn't work out anyway.

Why does divorce always get the spotlight? TV and magazines talk about the most recent celebrity split-ups. Friends will get together and talk about how things didn't work out between those two people you knew back in high school or college.

Maybe mentioning that your grandparents just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary isn't that great of a conversation starter.

Maybe TV and magazines might not be as profitable if they focused more on the celebrity marriages that worked out. I can imagine the headlines now: "Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson-Yep, They're Still Married."

Sometimes I just feel like divorce gets all the glory.

And because it gets all the glory, people who want a successful marriage can get discouraged.

Things shouldn't be this way.

Just because you have a friend who has been divorced doesn't mean you can't have a happy and successful marriage.

Just because you have a sibling who has been divorced doesn't mean you can't have a happy and successful marriage.

Just because your parents were divorced doesn't mean you can't have a happy and successful marriage.

Just because you have been divorced doesn't mean you can't marry again and have a happy and successful marriage.

So, even if somehow that 50% divorce statistic has been proven true, just think about the other 50% of people who are married and have stayed together.

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  1. I dated a guy my 1st semester at BYUI and we dated for about a year. We weren't engaged but we had talked about getting married a lot. I ended up breaking up with him because things had kind of taken a different tole. He then tells me after the fact that he could see it coming (me breaking up with him) and that his parents didn't want him marrying me because my parents are divorced and therefore I might lead to divorce as well?! I was floored... still am at the thought. If only he knew my parents reasoning.... Ehh, divorce is overrated anyway! :)

    1. WOW! I can't believe his reasoning! It is a good thing you didn't end up with that guy. And look at you now--you have a beautiful family! Thanks so much for sharing this.

  2. Yes I was also wondering where that 50% fact came from. It does seem like lots of couples do get divorced and it's terrible. So hopefully, when and if I do get married, it does last forever!

    1. You are right, Ida. It does seem like a lot of couples get divorced. This kind of reminds me when my husband and I were driving back home during a blizzard a couple years ago. During our drive, we saw a car that had crashed and was pulled over on the side of the road.

      We ended up making it home safely and called our parents to tell them how bad the blizzard was and how there was a car crash. What we failed to recognize was that we, as well as hundreds of other people made it home safely.

      I think, as human beings, we are sometimes drawn toward the things that go wrong rather than the things that go right.

      Remembering that happy marriages not only exist, but exist in great numbers is important.


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