20 March 2013

More Things I Didn't Expect About Motherhood

I didn't expect...

...to be so annoyed if a business failed to have a changing table in the bathroom (Miranda and I are now pros at diaper changes on the bathroom floor. Don't worry, I have a changing pad.).

...that perfect strangers would smile at me just because I was carrying a baby (I think this is awesome by the way).

...I could go more than a month without being peed on while changing a diaper (hopefully writing this doesn't jinx me).

...I would have to sweep the floor every. single. day (before Miranda started crawling, I only had to sweep the floor like once a week).

...to be able to take a shower, get dressed, and put on makeup in a 30-minute time period.

...to be late to EVERYTHING (we are getting better, though).

...to dance to a crazy Korean song every morning (click HERE if you don't know what I'm talking about).

Now, it is your turn! What were some things you didn't expect with motherhood?

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  1. some unexpected utterances out of small childs mouth.. "Do I really say that so often?"

  2. Haha! My parents always told me about the interesting things their kindergartners would say because they heard it from their parents. I would laugh so hard at some of the stories.


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