13 March 2013

Ode to Jr. High

(Here is the blog post that inspired me to write about my Jr. High bully experience.)

I remember the awkward stage of Jr. High. I know Miranda will have to go through it one day (even though I try not to think about it).

In my obsession with Weezer, I thought it would be a great idea to get glasses like Rivers Cuomo. Bad idea. Jr. High kids can be ruthless. Looking back now, I think I was pretty cute (but that's with years of perspective and a knowledge that some jerk boy's comments in Jr. High wouldn't matter to me 12 years down the road). I still remember what he said, though. In fact, I remember the whole conversation: "Look at you in your stupid a-- glasses!" To which I replied, "...at least I have glasses!"


Apparently that was the best come back I could come up with. I guess it worked because it confused him and he left. 

So, my word of advice on bullies or on anyone who gives you a hard time: If you can't beat them, confuse them.

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  1. Love your post! It made me laugh....I love your come back. Perfection. When I was younger and kid made fun of my ethnic background and told me to go back to where I came from, to which I replied, "Well, at least I would know where to go....where would you go you?" I stumped him.

    Agree: If you can't beat them, confuse them

    Thanks for the link back.


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