18 March 2013

PSY's Biggest Baby Fan

While cruising through the aisles at Walmart the other day, Lorin and I almost impulse bought this Gangnam Style poster for Miranda's room:

Unfortunately, all the posters were sold out (yet another reason to curse Walmart!).

Miranda is pretty much PSY's biggest baby fan. Whenever we play Gangnam Style, she dances like crazy.

Lorin encourages her new found love for PSY by playing Gangnam Style every morning and dancing with her. Yes, that is right, every morning. Skip the Baby Einstein classical music; my daughter will be speaking Korean by age three.

This reminds me of how I was a die-hard fan of the kid country music band Riders In the Sky. And Charlotte Diamond, you better believe I was in the front row at her concert singing "Four Hugs a Day" at the top of my 5-year-old lungs.

Hey, maybe one day Miranda will be crowd surfing at a PSY concert. You never know.

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  1. Forget crowd surfing. She should just try out to be a backup dancer in Psy's next big music video. I definitely think she'd be cuter than anybody else they'd normally pick. I mean her bouncing is just as energetic as Psy's. Quite impressive, little Miranda.

  2. This is hilarious that Lorin dances with her every morning. I can't believe that haha!

  3. My son is a Psy fan as well! You have the cutest baby!

    1. Thank you! You have some very adorable children yourself. That is awesome that your son likes PSY too! Who knew PSY would be so popular with the babies/little kids?


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