12 April 2013

A Call to All Men: Come and Take a Seat in the Man Chair

The Man Chair is a new feature on Dr. Lorin, Master Sarah, and Baby Miranda. This is a place where we will get to hear from the man's perspective on issues dealing with marriage, parenting, relationships, and much more.

I am looking for guys from all walks of life to come and sit in the man chairsingle, married, divorced, old, young, kids, no kids, ect.

If you would like to participate or know of someone who would like to write a featured blog post, please email me and let me know. You do not need to be a blogger to do this. Any guy who wants his voice to be heard can participate. One more thingif you would like to remain anonymous for your blog post, that is perfectly fine.

So, if you would like to try this out, here are the requirements for sitting in the man chair:

-You must be a man
-You will need to answer a question from our women audience (I will give you some options for you to choose from)
-You will need to keep things clean, so no dirty language
-Your post needs to be between 300 and 800 words

OK, now for the women. I need your help too! I'm asking you to come up with questions for these guys to answer. So, rack your brains and think of things that you would really like to know. Like I said earlier, I keep things clean on here, so we won't be answering any questions about the birds and the bees. When you think of good questions, please send them to me through email. 

I am really excited about this, and I hope you are too! Please share this through the social media buttons below so we can get the word out and get this party started.

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