01 April 2013

Man vs. Garden

Lorin, Miranda, and I have put our green thumbs to the test this week and planted a garden.

I have to say, I dragged my feet about planting this garden because of a bad experience. I tried planting some sweet peas in high school and failed miserably. I think the 100+ degree weather and lack of watering on my part might have killed them...


Well, with Lorin's encouragement, I finally got off my butt and helped him with the garden. We even planted some Irises and Gerbera daisies in the front. Miranda helped too. We put her on the grass for the first time and let her crawl around and eat weeds.

Don't worry, Miranda is still alive.

Hopefully I will not be writing a post about the death of our garden in a couple of weeks.

How hard can it be anyway? We've managed to keep a human baby alive for almost a year now.

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1 comment:

  1. Should be a much better experience. When you eat that homegrown bounty you will be so happy! Its therapeutic too.. working in the garden.. a workout, stress relief, a little vitamin D, some beautiful flowers and yummy veggies!


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