04 April 2013

Sanitary Spooning

The thought finally occurred to Lorin and I that we should probably start teaching Miranda to spoon-feed herself.

This is something that I have been dreading because I have serious issues with cleanliness.

You are looking at a person who has her child master the sippy cup, only to bring the bottle back because she can't handle the sticky, juice-splattered floors.

Oh the torture!

Despite my inner battles with sanitation, Lorin and I took the big step and handed the spoon over to Miranda during dinner tonight.

Of course, right after she was done Lorin gave her a bath, and I Clorox wiped the living daylights out of her high chair and surrounding areas.

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  1. I love those photos. They sum up the learning process to a T. My little one is two and still can't get through a single meal without making a mess. But then I'm the adult sitting here with lunch on my T-Shirt so maybe it's a hereditary thing...

    1. Haha! Yes, I have to admit that we adults can be pretty messy eaters too.

  2. Oh I remember those day.....I had this mat under the highchair (kinda like the painters mats - except this one had Elmo all over it)....anyway it was always so messy....if I had my dog back then, then I guess clean up would have been easier - lol. Best of luck....lots of patiences and paper towels. :)


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