22 April 2013

The Miranda Extravaganza

Miranda's first birthday went amazing. Lorin and I are so lucky to have such a darling little babe. She probably doesn't remember anything we did this past Saturday, but that is OK. She will soon come to know that we devote an entire day each year to her awesomeness.

But let's be honest here, we all know this birthday was pretty much a party for Lorin and I because we have successfully kept a human baby alive for a whole year now. A year and two days to be exact.

Well, on her birthday, Miranda ate her first cupcake.

We also went to the park and rode a carousel. OK, this was the fastest carousel I've ever ridden in my life. Miranda started whining part way through, and I thought she was going to barf (don't worry, she was OK). So what did we do? Took her on it again to build character! We took some awesome pictures. Take this one for example:
We call this "Lorin's Sexy Carousel Pose." I about peed my pants laughing when I saw this.

We went on a train ride at the park as well. Notice how excited Miranda is? Such a sweet mother-daughter picture, right? What you don't see is that she is digging her fingernails into my cheeks (something she tends to do quite often).

We had a great time with Miranda on her birthday. In fact, this whole year has been awesome with her (notice I didn't say easy). We have our rough days, but the good always far outweigh the difficult. We love our little Beat Beat (that is what we call her most of the time), and are so glad she is a part of our family.

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  1. OH gosh, the digging-the-nails pic is perfect. And that's a nice creepy face Lorin made! Ha!

    She's such a little sweet!

  2. First of all, yes, the first birthday is a HUGE milestone for the parents too. I mean, let's get real here. Who's really growing more the first year? Okay.... probably still the baby. But that year is HUGE for the parents too!

    Second. The carousel at Pullen Park still scares Skyler. If I can even lure him on, he has to sit one of the benches instead of horses. Now I can tell him that a baby has more guts than he does.

    Happy birthday Miranda!

  3. Oh, and P.S. I've heard that when the carousel has been freshly greased, it's basically a death ride it goes so fast. Just a heads up. Haha.

  4. nooo! i posted a comment and its erased! this is a test.

  5. ok i guess its working now! haha
    ok so i wrote the first time:
    i totally noticed the finger digging, i must be trained to see that, since my monster does the same thing. also, i had the same thoughts about keeping lincoln alive for a whole year on his birthday! im so glad to hear someone else say it. i had a good overwhelming feeling the other night while rocking linc,,like , I MADE IT. hes a toddler, we did it! i always wonder who else thinks like that? who really had doubts about whether or not they could keep their baby alive? sadly, me! raised hand high* you're given this little person and you hope you're doing all the right things. i definitely was not given the phrase "eh they'll live" in my thought process when i became a mother. For instance, i haven't even let lincoln play in the sandbox yet! what if he eats cat poop or something!?
    ill be in new jersey next week for the whole summer. maybe we can road trip and meet on the coast or something!

    1. I'm glad you got the comment thing to work! It can be lame sometimes. Yes, the finger digging--we can be so abused by our children! I completely know what you mean about keeping your baby alive. I remember sobbing the first night we brought Miranda home because I was SO afraid she was going to suffocate in her sleep. I was SURE her lips were turning a tint of blue (really, it was just a shadow). It is a big deal to take care of another human being! I wouldn't feel bad about your feelings at all. I have them too, and I am sure lots of other moms have them.

      And YES we would love to meet up with you guys! That is so exciting that you are moving to New Jersey. I bet there are lots of fun things to do there.


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