06 May 2013

Did Something Die Under the House?

Last Thursday, Lorin and I noticed a weird stench coming from our dining room/kitchen area.

Lorin had a suspicion that the smell might be coming from the dishwasher, but I refused to believe it since I just deep cleaned that thing two weeks ago.

As I stood near the kitchen sniffing wafts of stinky air, I came to the conclusion that something had died underneath our house.

A cat? Maybe a pile of diseased cockroaches? ...A human?

I really hoped the neighbors couldn't smell it too (thoughts of William Faulkner's  "A Rose for Emily" came to mind).

I settled for the "something died" idea until Lorin and I watched a movie that night. As we were eating ice cream, we noticed the smell became even more potent.

I brought my ice cream spoon up to my nose and took a whiff.

The dead animal smell was coming from MY SPOON!

The dishwasher.

What the heck is in our dishwasher?

The next morning, we decided to hand wash all of our dishes and unscrew some nuts and bolts in our dishwasher drain to find the stinky culprit.

And, oh yes, did we find it.

This is not melted chocolate ice cream, people.

Lorin and I had to double-team this task, and there was lots of bleach and toothbrush scrubbing involved.

I threw up a little in my mouth when Miranda (who is learning how to brush her teeth) decided to stick the gunky toothbrush in her mouth while we weren't looking.

Well, after three hours of soaking, scrubbing, and scouring, the drain looked like this:

And that, my friends, is how to have a hot date with your spouse.

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  1. We just had a dishwasher fiasco as well. Ours started because of an MIA crazy straw. Well, we found the straw, under all the filters {how? I don't know?} And yes, we also found a lot of disgusting loveliness. The best part is that the washer was new when we moved in, so I can only blame ourselves for such foul debris. But now it's clean and I sleep a lot better at night. =) I'm glad your ice cream will taste better now. and I threw up a little in my mouth for Miranda too. It always happens when there is something gross remotely near a baby. It always ends up in their mouth.

  2. Woah that is just crazy! What was it exactly? Like mold or what?


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