16 May 2013

Failure List

Maybe I'm just a complete failure, but I can NEVER accomplish everything on my daily to-do lists.

Even though I accomplish lots of things during the day, written and unwritten, all I ever see glaring back at me at the end of the day are the items I did not cross off my list. As a result, I feel like a lazy bum who can't get anything done. The to-do list ends up becoming a failure list to me.

Well, I decided to do things a little differently yesterday.

I made a reverse to-do list by not writing anything down until I accomplished a task.

I had to restrain myself from writing anything down ahead of time and convince myself that I would not forget that there were dirty dishes filling the kitchen sink.

Looking back over my reverse to-do list, I think I did a pretty great job. I was able to get a lot done, and I accomplished every single item on my list.

Let's be honest here, I know I'm not the only mom that feels like a to-do list failure some days. Somehow, changing diapers, brushing my teeth, and playing peek-a-boo never make it to "the list," but those things are just as important as any other chore that needs to be done. So what do I do? Write them down!

Write them down, I say!

If you try this to-do list method, trust me, you will be amazed. At the end of the day, instead of feeling like a human failure, you will see everything you have accomplished.

What are your methods for accomplishing daily tasks?
If you end up trying out the reverse do-do list, let me know! I would love to hear about how it went.

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  1. Sarah, this is very clever. Unfortunately for me, it wouldn't work because my mind is like a sieve. Once I think of something, I immediately forget it unless I write it down. Guess that's what I get for getting old..... :(

    Have a great weekend!!! Hope ya'll are doing well.

  2. the Four Quadrants list... have to's/ need to's / should's / want to's
    the first quadrant you have to do.. the others are optional.. and I add things to the list. If I see something that needs to be done, like, return library books when I'm really on the way to the grocery store, add it in to the need to's and cross it off. then add in -cleaned counters off, set table, swept floor, empty trash and whatever else you end up doing - impromptu.

    1. I LOVE that idea. That way, I would remember the things that are really important AND I wouldn't feel bad if I didn't get to everything.


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