12 May 2013

How My Mom Found Little Lord Fauntleroy's Inner Beauty

When I think of motherly love, I am reminded of the summer before sixth grade when I cut off my long, blonde hair. I'm pretty sure I cried for a week straight over my new look where my hair rested just below my ears and highly resembled Little Lord Fauntleroy.

Despite my mom's numerous warnings to just make smaller changes with my hair instead of such a drastic one, I still told the hairdresser to cut it off, cut it all off.

As I watched the Fantastic Sams stylist make the finishing touches on my hair, I just stared at the mirror in horror, trying to force a fake smile on my face.

I remember going back to school in the fall and friends asking, "Why did you cut your hair? It was so pretty before," which, of course, made me regret my decision even more. I knew I should have listened to my mom, and I felt stupid for not listening.

The thing is, my mom never said, "I told you so." She already knew I felt bad and that my self confidence was teetering on a fence.

I remember her finding ways to help me feel beautiful again. I didn't realize she was doing this at the time, but looking back now, I can see it. She did and said things to help me understand I was beautiful, inside and out.

My mom successfully got me through the awkward tween and teen years, and always lifted me up when my confidence was low. She always stood by me and saw my potential, even when I couldn't see it.

Today, I stand as a strong and confident woman because my mother helped me find my inner beauty. I will forever be grateful for her love and her example.

I love you, Mom. Happy Mother's Day.

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  1. Bahahaha...Oh, I love the Little Lord hair style. Once, Aaron got a haircut that made him look like Pollyanna...we laughed REALLY hard. Now I feel bad about that. Well, not too bad! Ha!


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