05 June 2013

A Job with No Sick Days

Yep. That is parenthood for you.

We always try to negotiate sick days with the boss, but the answer is always horizontal head shakes followed by pokes to the eyes or slobber to the face.

Lorin, Miranda, and I have been battling the plague for the last couple of days. This is the first time we have all been sick at the same time. Here is a little taste of what we have been experiencing today:

Aside from Miranda's stream of constant snot that runs straight to her mouth, Lorin's Man Cold, and my obnoxiously loud nose honks when blowing into a tissue, life is pretty good.

Here are some things that have happened in the past two weeks:

  • I started working as a grant writer for both a local school and a nonprofit organization (And I get to work from home! Best jobs ever!).
  • Lorin underwent laser safety training for his research position (you know, so he won't point lasers at people and burn their eyes out).
  • Lorin and I successfully watched the entire third season of Arrested Development on Netflix.
  • Lorin and I successfully watched the entire first season of Revenge on Nexflix. 
  • Lorin and I decided we needed to go on a Netflix/TV/movies detox, so we banned ourselves from watching TV for a week.
  • Due to the TV ban, we have been on a reading binge. Lorin just finished reading Confessions of a Shopaholic, and I just read Proof of Heaven.

Lorin and I were kicking ourselves at first when we made the "no TV" rule because we got sick immediately after. Luckily, reading books is also an activity you can do while flopped on a couch or bed.

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  1. Oh, feel better, family! It is SO hard when everyone is sick...I'm glad you are able to look at the bright side of the week. I usually can't seem to muster it... I love Arrested Development. So glad it's back!


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