21 June 2013


I think at one point or another, every parent will eventually feel guilty about how they handled a situation with their child.

I've had some moments of guilt since Miranda's birth, but what happened yesterday took the cake.

You see, sleep is a precious thing after becoming a parent.

I remember the days when I actually woke up on my own instead of being woken up by little squawks coming from the baby's room.

Recently, I discovered that I can sleep through these squawks for a little while before going into Miranda's room and getting her out of her crib. No harm done, right?

Well, yesterday morning Miranda whined for a little while and then became quiet. Assuming she just went back to sleep, I dozed off again. When I woke up around 8 am, I decided to go into her room and get her.

As I walked toward her crib, I beheld a fresco painting of poop all over her sheets. Miranda was just standing up in her crib, poop all down her legs and happy as ever to see her mom. She just smiled at me, bouncing up and down in her bed, ready to play.

And that's when the guilt set in.

I decided to give myself some extra sleep while my daughter was patiently sitting in her own feces for the past hour.

Since this was definitely a "Code Brown," Lorin came in to assist me. We changed her sheets, gave her a bath, and disinfected everything. I hung my head in shame.

I guess when moments of guilt like this happen, you just have to forgive yourself and move on. Let's just say, I won't be trying to get any extra sleep for a while.

*Just as a side note, apparently I was the only one who felt guilty. Lorin thought the whole situation was hilarious.

Question for you: Have you had any moments of guilt as a parent? Do tell!

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  1. HAHAH! SO funny and SO gross. Ha, in my opinion, no need for guilt. I mean, it's not like she was bawling hard for an hour and you just ignored her...and it's not like you left her so you could sleep in till noon or anything. It was just a little baby mischief...heck, she enjoyed it! :)

    1. Yes, baby mischief. I will keep telling myself that, haha! She just had some major blow outs today too. I really need to stop feeding her prunes. By the way, I LOVE the new graphic on your blog! It looks awesome!

  2. Oh Sarah...I love reading things like this. You just made my day. LAST NIGHT I had a similar experience. Jackson woke up and needed to be fed but I was so tired that I decided just to prop up the bottle on a blanket next to his face so he could eat while I lay down and wait for him to finish. The problem with that was I fell back asleep. Later this morning he started crying again which woke me up and I realized I left the bottle in the crib with him for a few hours instead of just a couple minutes! I went over to the crib and the poor little guy probably tried to get away from the bottle after I fell asleep and had squirmed his way under his blankets to avoid the blanket and bottle that was on the other side of his face. I felt so bad!!

    1. Haha! Poor immobile baby. That isn't bad at all! I'm sure he was just fine. Those night feedings can be a beast. You are an awesome mom, Amanda!

  3. Sarah I love reading your posts! They are funny and inspiring and spot on and honest. We don't have kids yet but I think the closest I can relate with the guilt feeling is with my little brothers. There definitely have been moments of guilt--very humbling!

  4. I think every mom has been in your shoes regarding the poop. Haha it still is the worst, though! And you really can't feel guilty; kids will be kids, right?!

    1. Oh my gosh. You know exactly what I mean with the poop. I just read one of your old blog posts about what motherhood is really like. This one killed me: "I never thought I would have to Google the phrase 'my child ate poop.'" I was laughing so hard! You know what's up.

    2. Eva did the very same thing. I wonder what she would do if I told her about it? Mwahaha...

    3. Haha! Good info for blackmailing your children later on in life.

  5. That picture! That face!

    Put one more vote in from me for Team Hilarious :)

  6. That face kills me too! Lorin got a couple really funny pictures of her. This one was the BEST!


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