22 July 2013

Why Evil and Corrupt People Don't Scare Me

I feel like I am a pretty well-informed person. I keep up on the news and am politically active. Usually news and politics don't really get to me, but as of late, I have felt so bogged down by negative things going on in the United States and globally. Sometimes, it even keeps me up at night. I wonder about what life is going to be like for Miranda when she gets older. I wonder what life if going to be like for our family.

I don't expect the media to feed me flowers and sunshine every day, but the headlines I read on Twitter make me wonder if there are more evil and corrupt people out there than good.

However, my views changed on things when I read Dan Pearce's blog post from Single Dad Laughing. The title of the post is called "Nobody Knows You Did It..." and features all kinds of amazing things people have done for others in secret.

After reading this post, my mind about people changed. There are so many good people in the world trying to do good things. I know most people, including myself, have been on the giving and/or receiving end of this type of love and kindness.

Dan's post lead me to think about the things I need to do to help others have a little more love, kindness, and happiness in their lives.

So now, when I think about what the future holds for my daughter and our family, I don't feel worried anymore. In a world where we have so many people who go above and beyond taking care of themselves and their own, I know we are in good hands.

Now it is my turn to rally with these people and add to their numbers.

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