25 August 2013

7 Things About Our Life

I have finally found a quiet moment to write a blog post! And by quiet, I mean I can hear Miranda waking up from her nap and squawking a little in the background. I guess this means I need to type fast.

Here are some things that have been happening in our lives lately:

1. Lorin just started up his second year in his PhD program.
2. Miranda is cutting teeth like crazy and made quite a spectacle of herself at church today because of it. There was lots of screaming involved.
3. I have been working three part time jobs from home (Which I am SO grateful for!).
4. Miranda has been picking up a southern accent. Whenever Lorin leaves for work, she waves and says, "Baaa!"
5. Miranda can also say bird, more, bath, bear, book and pat.
6. We have been North Carolinians for a whole year now.
7. Lorin and I will be celebrating our 3rd anniversary this Saturday. We did an early anniversary celebration back in May at Myrtle beach and partied it up at the miniature golf courses, ocean, and $5 movies. It was great fun!
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