15 August 2013

"If I Were a Rich Man"

After making the hard decision today to get another student loan, Lorin turned on the TV and played the "If I Were a Rich Man" clip from Fiddler on the Roof to capture our feelings. He didn't know this, but I almost started crying twice while watching that scene.

I don't think being sunk in a pool of debt is anyone's idea of fun, even if it is for a really good reason. I hate the feeling that comes with surviving on money that isn't our own. There is this feeling of being tied down and not being able to move. Then, there is that feeling of guilt for even thinking about buying anything that is outside of our basic, necessary needs. But at the same time, I'm grateful that we still have our home and our basic needs taken care of. I much rather feel tied down and not be able to purchase the things we want than be without food, clothing, or shelter.

Lorin and I were talking the other day about how things would be different if we were rich. We spouted off all the things we would do to the yard and the house. Then, we discussed what car we would upgrade to, heck, we even talked about having two cars. Lorin imagined what guns he would buy, and I thought about what decorations and fabric to buy to spruce up the rooms in our home.

But you know what? Money may be a challenge now, but being rich won't solve all the trials we are facing or will face in the future. One day we will be out of debt and will be able to buy the things we like; however, new challenges will surface—the kind that you can't fix by throwing money at it. By that time, I hope we remember the things we learned during this time of financial struggle.

I am just glad that Lorin, Miranda and I really like each other. It makes this whole being poor business not so bad.

What are some important things you learned during a financial struggle?
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