16 October 2013

Remembering Who I am Doing This For

5:00 rolled around today, and I was lying on the couch, exhausted with a Ziploc bag full of Rice Krispie treats in hand. There were children's books, toys, and baby socks all over the living room floor. Our dining room table was covered with more books and dirty dishes from this morning's breakfast that I never got around to putting away. The kitchen was...well, you get the idea. Then, there was Miranda who was running circles around the house, making the occasional trip over to the couch to poke me in the eyes or beg for more Rice Krispie treats.

I often find that the state of my home often reflects how I feel.

I just kept thinking, one more hour until Lorin gets home. One more hour until Lorin can help me clean up the house, get the baby ready for bed, and make dinner.

And then after lying down on the couch and shoving one more Rice Krispie treat in my mouth, I decided to suck it up and get everything done because I don't know a single person that enjoys coming home to a hot mess right after school or work.

Now the house is nice and clean, we had a good dinner, and the babe is bathed and in bed. I feel a lot better.

Days like this happen all the time. Some days, I feel like I can't pick up one more dirty sock or sweep up one more of Miranda's messes. But then I try to remember how much Lorin appreciates coming home to a clean house or having something to eat when he gets home. When I think about who I am doing all of this for, the task doesn't seem so hard anymore.
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