23 October 2014

Funny Happenings in the Baird Household

-You know there is a problem when you are eating at the dinner table and your sweet 2-year-old girl  rips a big one and says, "Mommy, you hear dat?" ...Yes, in fact, I did hear that.

-Miranda singing the word "yuck" to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star as she refuses to eat the dinner I prepared for her.

-Lorin and I just received our absentee ballots in the mail for midterm elections and we decided last minute to run for office. It's never too late to start campaigning, right?

-Lorin and I are super into Dave Ramsey and are SO close to being out of debt right now. Since getting out of debt is something we talk about often, it is pretty common to hear Miranda going around the house saying, "debt freeeeee!" Hey, if that is the only thing she learns from us as parents, I'll be pretty happy.

-Whenever Miranda sees something furry or animal-like, she furrows her eyebrows and says, "Awww! So tute! Yep, that is right. Tute. Since she can't quite pronounce the C/K sound yet, she just replaces it with T. This only becomes a little problematic when she tries to say "kitties"or even worse, "big kitties."

Well, that's all the funnies I have for this week. Hopefully I'll have some more to share soon!

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