17 November 2014

The Walk of Shame

I love checking the mail. Some days, checking the mail is the only time I can get out of the house for a few precious minutes and feel the sun on my pasty white skin.

However, if you are like me, some days can be so busy around the house that getting dressed to go outside just isn't working out. It is during days like these that one may experience The Walk of Shame.

The Walk of Shame occurs when the time for getting dressed for the day has come and gone (usually around 4 pm), but that precious mail is just waiting in the mailbox, and I must get it. I must! I could get dressed, but why? I still have work to do around the house, why not stay in my comfy clothes?

To the left is a picture of my latest Walk of Shame attire. Let me give you a rundown of my outfit:

For my top, I'm wearing a red men's knit shirt (that probably used to be owned by my younger brother). Notice how I'm proudly holding up the mail I just retrieved from the mailbox? Just so you know, the only reason I'm holding up the mail and covering my chest is to hide the fact that I didn't even strap in The Girls that day (I had things to do, OK?!). Next, you will see my very fashionable plaid pajama bottoms which show off my ever-so-classy socks-with-Lorin's-sandals combination.

As you take The Walk of Shame, feelings of embarrassment or fear may come over you as you try your best to avoid your neighbors' judging eyes. There have been times when I've walked off my porch in my pajamas, only to quickly run back into the house in horror at the sight of one of my neighbors exiting their house.

In reality, my neighbors probably don't care what I or anyone else on the street is wearing when we go check the mail, and because of that, I'm not going to feel bad at taking The Walk of Shame every now and again.
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