17 March 2015

9 Ideas to Help Avoid Blogger's Block

FYI: The two studly guys in the picture are two of my three brothers.
I had a serious case of writer's/blogger's block last year, and  I made a status update on Facebook asking friends and family about suggestions on what to blog about. My sister Marlise emailed me with a great list of ideas that I refer to often when I feel stuck and don't know what to write about. I thought I would share them here since I know blogger's block happens to everyone. Here are her ideas:

1. Things to Look Up: Anything you hear about, read about, or see and want to learn more.  Sometimes I keep a list of things I want to research on the internet when I have time.

2. Blame It On My Parents: Anything related to my childhood, my extended family, or genetic traits (ie - a penchant for strange health foods, funny childhood memories, or the time I shaved [our niece's] unibrow)

3. Experiments/Things That Make You Go Hmmmm: Anything you want to try out and write up the results. For example, I read a random article on celebrities that don't use antiperspirant, so I tried using just a deodorant for a few weeks, including workout sessions. It was a very interesting experiment.

4. Things of the Devil: Things I love and hate...or just hate. I think Crunch bars have a little cinnamon in them. It's nasty.

5. New Recipes and whether they earned a thumbs up or down.

6. Brownie Points/ A Few of my Favorite Things: Anything I found and loved, or a good idea.

7. Skills: Ones I'm glad I have, ones I wish I had, or ones I want to make sure my children have.

8. Walking in Someone Else's Shoes: Commenting on both sides of an argument, even if I absolutely don't agree with one side.

9. Random Musings: I have a friend that blogs a random list of things floating through her head every now now and then.  #1 - Why do people love Funions, #2 - I accidentally swallowed a bug today, #3 - I have a great idea for a Halloween costume...has anyone made something like this before, etc.

Well, there are some ideas for you if you ever find your brain blanking out on what to write. I hope you found this helpful!

I'm curious to hear of any topics you like to write about on your blog. If you don't blog, what topics do you like to read about on blogs?

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