18 March 2015

My Pent Up Rage Over Recipe Websites

This is our Thanksgiving dinner last year (which I did NOT cook). We decided
to go the non-traditional route by ordering Indian food. It was amazing!
I will never forget the crock pot of chili I made a couple years ago. It has gone down in family history as the nastiest meal I've ever tried to make my family eat.

This meal was supposed to be a four or five-star recipe, according to a certain recipe Website. My family was going to have some awesome chili dogs for dinner that night. I faithfully followed every direction on the recipe, including the part where it told me to put in FOUR TABLESPOONS of salt. Yes, I have to say there was some inner conflict going on before heaping all that salt into the crock pot. I'd never in my life used that much salt in anything, but hey, that is what the recipe said. I wanted this five-star recipe to turn out right.

Well, as you can imagine, the meal tasted like the Pacific Ocean in chili form. The salt was so strong it seemed to burn my mouth. Needless to say, we dumped the crock pot full of chili (along with the pound of ground hamburger in it, NOOOoooo) in the trash. What a waste!

I don't know whether to blame myself for not listening to my instincts about the salt or blame the recipe Website.

I choose to blame the recipe Website!

If I would have looked down a little further past the recipe instructions, I would have found that lots of people commented on how there was a mistake in the recipe, but they modified it to have the correct amount of salt. The people who modified the recipe would then give the meal a four or five-star rating!

This enrages me! (OK, so maybe that's a little dramaticit annoys me.)

The problem is that this isn't a one-time thing. This happens ALL the time. People will make a recipe on a Website, make their own modifications, and then give the original recipe a high rating based on the modifications. Not cool!

Well, I learned my lesson. I never trust high ratings on recipe Websites.

Ok, I'm done with my rant.

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