17 June 2015

The Whisper Technique

I've discovered a new parenting technique (new to me, at least).

We are having issues at our house as of late with a certain little girl not listening. If I want Miranda to do something, I have to ask her a minimum of five times and then threaten time out before she even acknowledges what I'm saying. This gets pretty exhausting after a while.

Well, I've been sick this past week and woke up today with no voice. I can squeak out some sentences, but if I really need to say something, I have to whisper. When I got up in the morning, I was dreading the day a little bit because I was afraid Miranda would use my lack of voice to her advantage.

Surprisingly, the day turned out a lot different than I imagined. Here are some of the positive things that happened today:

  1. Since I had to whisper everything, Miranda had to pay careful attention whenever I talked. Sometimes, I think Miranda is so used to me ordering her around that she tunes me out a lot of the time and doesn't even hear me until I've asked her to do something five times. Then, there are the times where she just flat out doesn't listen because, hey, who wants to stop playing to get ready for bed? Miranda wasn't perfect with listening the first time the whole day, but I did see a big improvement.
  2. I really had to choose my battles today. Unless Miranda was doing something she really wasn't supposed to be doing, I just let her be. The less I talked, the better my throat felt. Choosing my battles made for less frustration and a happier day for both Miranda and I. 
  3. I was a better listener. At dinner time, Lorin and I will often talk away about our days, and we sometimes ignore Miranda's demands until she yells at us to stop talking and listen to her. Well, since I couldn't talk, We were able to listen to everything she had to say. She was a happy camper. 

Now, I'm not planning on becoming some creepy mom that hobbles around, whispering to her child all the time, but this experience did make me think about how I approach Miranda when I need her to listen to me. If I really need her to pay attention to what I'm saying, I'll try whispering.
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